Covid 19 Crowd Security


Covid 19 Security Issues are becoming increasingly important for many businesses. SSL’s medical background means we are ideally equipped to help keep your business or event safe.

With the Corona Virus (Covid 19) spreading across the world, the correct security measures are more essential than ever to maintain crowd safety. Unfortunately with the privileges of modern life also come heightened dangers that look set to be an ongoing part of how we live and organise our lives in the future.

Whether at a shop, venue or an event, all security companies now have to embrace the global changes in public behaviour and nowhere more so than with safely running events, where virus transmission can easily be a problem without careful security management.

At SSL we have a unique medical background that sets us apart from other security companies. SSL are very aware of infections are transmitted and precautions that must be taken to avoid possible infection.

We will help you to ensure that customers keep their distance (2 metres to be exact!) whilst still remaining in a safe environment. We are also fully versed in every other protective measure from hand sanitisation to masks and maintaining sterile environments that are relatively risk free.

If you wish to speak to us about how we handle crowd and public safety within the context of virus transmission please call us on 0203 393 4988 or email us and we will be happy to discuss solutions with you.

What makes Supremacy Security Different?

Director Ian Carmichael has wide ranging experience in security and was previously a Paramedic where his experiences with medical emergencies made him very aware of the need for responsibility with fast and safe decision making being a priority with members of the public.

This background means that Ian is able to advise on numerous aspects of health and safety, emergency situations and specifically dealing with any appropriate medical problems in the appropriate manner.